About Us

About our Edtech Demonstrator Support for Schools, Partnerships and Trusts

Discovery Trust and Kibworth E Primary School are committed to supporting schools across the Country to ensure that they are digitally literate and enabled. We are happy to work with:

  • Primary schools and Special Schools
  • Partnerships of schools, TSAs, SCITTs, Federations
  • Multi Academy Trusts

to identify how best technology can be used to improve digital leadership, virtual pupil learning, school ICT systems and infrastructure and development of teacher CPD experiences. We look forward to hearing from you schools about how best we can support them.  We can support schools at the beginning of their journey through to those who are wanting refinements and we look forward to learning from others too.

Our Trust, SCITT, Teaching School and Schools have the following specialisms and offer to school and the wider system:

  • Support for using office 365 across a partnership or organisation to enable efficient, effective and quality distance working including online meetings, file storage, protocols for using online platforms and making best use of all of the tools available to you.
  • Support for using Office 365 to enable teachers to virtually plan, deliver, teach and feedback on learning and for pupils to effectively engage in learning, including the use of VLEs and other technologies.
  • Creating Online professional learning communities for staff, trainees and stakeholders inside of and outside of our trust.
  • Developing adult learning materials including live sessions and recorded sessions which can be made available to open and closed groups.
  • Develop curriculum structure and coherency for effective blended learning
  • Using technology to enable effective school and trust governance including meetings, training, engagement and challenge without the need for face to face meetings.
  • The use of complementary AI and digital learning platforms for pupils to improve their outcomes, including Century Tech AI at Primary level, Timestables Rockstars, amongst many others.
  • Development of policies including safeguarding and appropriate use of devices for safeguarding and supporting vulnerable learners.
  • Using MS Teams and other platforms for ensuring ITT is high quality in a period of partial school closure for learning, trainee communications and reflection.
  • Website and intranet development and compliance checking.
  • Specific expertise for Office 365 but also available to support schools with google platforms and functions
  • Using social media including youtube to record, edit and share effective learning resources
  • Advise and support from a technician team on whole school IT including diagnostics, security, e-safety, asset management and infrastructure.

Although our school is primarily focused on using Office 365, our experiences and journey are transferable to many different platforms.

We have capacity and infrastructure to quickly begin offering some online webinar tutorials for schools, dependent upon the content required. Some materials are ready to share but we would prefer to have a short notice period to ensure they are quality assured internally before being made public.