Online Lesson Structure

Online Lesson Structure

It has long been an ambition of DSAT’s CEO, Paul Stone and Kibworth Primary School’s Headteacher, Gilly Paterson to create a resource bank of outstanding lessons for every year group. Teachers are often in awe of outstanding or great lessons but there never seems to be the funds to be able to release our facilitators of knowledge from their own classroom responsibilities to be able to observe these moments of greatness.  The inconceivable situation which is COVID 19 has created some minute pockets of positivity which has allowed this new structure of learning to evolve.

The school has designed a long-term plan to create an academic years-worth of lessons for a range of year groups. Designing this bank of resources will empower, engage, and embed the love of learning and knowledge in children, teachers, parents, governors, senior leadership teams and possibly other Trusts. Initially, the idea was to use these lessons for ‘lockdown’ purposes and the fear that a ‘second lockdown’ may occur drove this idea into fruition. In fact, these lessons will have a value far more reaching than ever expected by the school. Here are just a few ways in which these lessons will support, inspire, and enthuse the audience for which they have been fashioned. Such as for training SCITT students, as an exemplar for other teachers within the Trust, home-school learning, children who are absent due to long term illness, homework, catch-up lessons within school (small groups), etc.  The education system is on the verge of a real shift in the way that we are teaching and learning. These efforts are going to really support teachers and children alike to engage in this new way of working. For further reading about technology in the classroom follow the link to the Chartered College of Teaching:

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