Donate a Device Scheme

Donate a Device Scheme

Kibworth C of E Primary School, part of Discovery Schools Academy Trust in Leicestershire is using a blended approach to Online Learning for the children and the community.  The school is currently using a balance of the online learning platforms, Tapestry and Teams to communicate with the parents and to support the children’s learning requirements. The effectiveness of this approach is extremely strong.

Additionally, the school and the Trust are very keen to upskill the children and the community further by making sure that every child has access to a digital device. Theirs is a future that rapidly requires them to embrace technology. Therefore, a scheme has been created in the local area whereby families, businesses and individuals are being asked to donate old devices so that they can be reconditioned, upgraded, and then added to a loan register.  Once the device has been registered then a loan agreement can be signed by the children and their families which allows them to use the device whilst they remain at Kibworth Primary school.  The approach is in its infancy but people are beginning to donate and it is having a big impact on the children and the way they view their learning, not just at home but for the future that is yet to evolve. The school has the foresight to see that their children must be equipped to live and thrive in a complex world. School funds might be a challenge, but it does not mean that children must go without and this option is sustainable for the school and the planet. There are many messages of hope hidden within this scheme. For further reading about the 21st Century Education follow the link to the Think Strategic for Schools website:

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