Safeguarding and Remote Learning – Cyberbullying

Safeguarding and Remote Learning – Cyberbullying

May 12, 2020 All by Liz Braithwaite

Keeping children safe online is a topic which attracts much debate. Here at Discovery Schools Trust we have pulled together some useful links and articles for schools and parents to help them to best ensure they are safe when learning online and using the internet at home.

There is a growing range of online issues that children may face in todays digital world. To help them enjoy the digital world safely and smartly check out the series of blogs signposting advice and organisations who support schools with the following issues:
– Cyberbullying
– Online Grooming and Sexting
– Screen time & Digital Diet
– Inappropriate content & Radicalisation
– Online Reputation, Privacy & Identity Theft

In this blog we will focus on Cyberbullying and in future blogs we will discuss our thinking on the other mentioned areas.
We hope you find this useful.


While the wellbeing aspects of bullying continue to be devastating, the internet and social media have changed the way in which bullying is experienced by children. Cyberbullying, is simply bullying that happens online through social, gaming or instant messaging platforms. Signposted below are organisations which have specific resources quality marked to support parents, children and teachers in dealing with unsafe behaviours and content in the digital world.

Here are some useful links worth checking out to explore this topic further:

Duke of Cambridge meets campaigners ahead of cyberbullying launch

Cyberbullying advice from Dr Linda Papadopoulos

Help for Parents

If parents would like to speak to someone to get help with a cyberbullying issue, there are a number of telephone helplines where they can speak with a trained advisor.

Help for Children and Young People

It may be helpful for children to talk through their worries with a trained counsellor from organisations that have experience dealing with cyberbullying issues. There are a number of free services that can be accessed by phone, email and online chat.

Help for Schools

Across the UK there are a number of charities and organisations that are experts in bullying and provide a great range of information, advice, and help for schools and their children on their websites. Some specialise in particular issues.

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